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About Sportsman's University    

The technology available to today's outdoors enthusiast is truly amazing. Ol' school anglers and outdoorsmen often express their dismay at the fact that much in the way of high-tech equipment didn't exist in their day, and at times, conjecture on how much better they could have been had they been given access to today's modern marvels, and many now spare no expense to acquire the best "hi-tech" equipment on the market.

The question we all have to ask ourselves however is: Are we maximizing the use of this expensive technology we have invested so much money in?

Enter...Sportsman's University, a curriculum of hands-on classes specifically designed to help outdoormen understand today's "high tech" equipment - equipment that has become a necessary part of just about every outdoorsman's arsenal. Many own "high tech" equipment, but a great majority are simply not familiar with even the most primary functions of these "pricey" units, and never gain the confidence in, or recognize the effectiveness of, these true modern marvels.

Sportsman's University will endeavor to help the west's legion of outdoor enthuisasts understand their equipment whether it be fishing, hunting, or boating - as long as it is related to the great outdoors.

Sportsman's University classes are FREE (at some locations) and are conducted in a hands-on, classroom format, projected on a HD big-screen TV, with equipment simulations available for effective interactive instruction. Registration is on a first-come, first served basis and classes are limited to approximately 25-30 students per class for maximum effectiveness, with each student receiving notepads/study materials, and refreshments.

These courses are conducted by factory trained professionals in a seminar/lab format, helping students understand what often cannot be understood simply by reading an instruction manual.

Classes are open to all sportsmen, whether you fish for bass, trout, kokanee, or hunt for the vast variety of game our "golden state" has to offer. Information about various brands of electronics, firearms, boating safety equipment and tackle will be covered including so please know that you will leave with a better understanding of a wide variety of "high-tech" equipment you may or may not be familiar with.


Sportsman's University Electronic classes feature:

- Hands on training on the high-tech electronics, equipment, and tackle you use

- Classes are presented in a lecture/lab format
- No tuition fee
- Quality training as class size is limited to 25 students

These classes can help you:

- Reduce your learning curve
- Increase your productivity on the water
- Get the most out of your "high tech" equipment

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Travis Huckaby hosts our "NAVIONICS Concepts" classes Len Vinci hosts our "Hands-On" Sonar classes


Sportsman's University class descriptions: 






Electronic Chart Navigation - 101 - "Mapping out effective strategies", featuring Tshombe Moore of NAVIONICS Inc.

Students can expect to learn from this course:

- Basic principles of electronic mapping
- Navigating from point A to point B
- Installing mapping chips
- Course plotting
- Storing data/settings
- Data recall
- Map/Software upgrading

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Sonar 101 - "Using sonar to find fish", featuring Johnson Outdoors product specialists

Students can expect to learn from this course:

- Basic functionality
- Setting alarms
- Resolving noise/interference issues
- Setting Way Points
- Understanding Side Imaging/Down Imaging
- Transducer technology/functionality/rigging
- Downloading software- Offloading stored date


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2018 Navionics "On-the-Water Workshops!

These workshops take place on-the-water, at various locations, where you will spend 1-hour with Navionics pro-staff to learn in "real-time" basic Navionics fundementals!

Format: Each hour, on the hour, for 8 hours Navionics Marine Product Specialist Travis Huckaby, will take out two anglers for exclusive on-the-water, hands on instruction regarding the function of the Navionics mapping chips. Navioncs product reps will also be on hand to field any questions you may have regarding the product.

IMPORTANT!...You must call or email the Angler's Press Outdoors offiice to register for one of the limited time slots, as they will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.


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Our webinars provide useful information on various boating and fishing related topics.
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