Contingency Awards

Rewards Program



As If owning the best-in-class tow vehicle on the road wasn't enough, NOW owing a RAM truck, test driving and RAM truck, or simply visiting any RAM dealership can pay BIG CASH to those particpating in FPT events during 2016!

Here's how the RAM "Guts-Glory" Rewards Program works:

  • Own a 2015 or greater RAM truck - win the event: You get $100 cash
  • Own any year RAM truck - win the event: You get $50 cash
  • Own any year RAM truck - Highest finisher: You get $25 cash
  • Test drive a new RAM truck - win the event: You get $50
  • Visit any RAM dealership - Highest finisher: You get $25 Chevron gas card



  • Only one test drive or dealership visit is requred - per angler
  • Must enroll in Guts-Glory Rewards program and show proof of purchase/dealership visits BEFORE event begins
  • Must have RAM sticker on boat
  • Must wear RAM hat during weigh-in and after event photos



  1. Register before any FPT event (Registration is FREE!)
  2. Must have a working NAVIONICS Chart loaded on your fish finder during FPT competition
  3. OR have the NAVIONICS Charts Phone App downloaded on your smart phone
  4. Must have a NAVIONICS sticker in on your boat (you will receive a sticker when you register)


The team (in each region) that wins the NAVIONICS Cup title will receive:

  • Special commemorative award denoting the Navionics Cup title
  • One NAVIONICS Platinum Chip for (each team)
  • A $200 gas card to assist with traveling expenses (each team)


Mercury Power/Repower Cash Rewards

Powered by a Mercury outboard, or looking to re-power your rig?

Now just owing a Mercury – the number one choice of tournament anglers, pays COLD CASH just for you being in the Mercury family!

Here’s how it works:

  • Own a new Mercury Outboard – win any Angler’s Press or Future Pro Tour event: Put $100 dollars in your pocket to help with expenses!
  • Own any year Mercury Outboard – highest finisher of any Angler’s Press or Future Pro Tour event: – Put $50 dollars in your pocket to help with expenses!

It’s that simple!

You’ve been looking for a way to cut down on tournament expenses..well here it is! So get down to you your nearest Mercury dealership and be ready to get your share of Mercury Power/Repower cash!

See you on the water!




- Participants must pre-register prior to the event.

"Anchor Down with Talon Rewards" guarantees a cash payout of $250 at each selected FPT event, to the highest placing angler among particpants who owna Talon and pre-registered for the program - no matter what the place finish.

- At many of the events, anglers can win an addtional cash bonus of $250for winning the tournament

To download and complete the registration form for this program go to:

TatulaRCTNOBACKGROUND Daiwa Cup/ "Double Down" Bonus

To help you “fill out” your Daiwa arsenal, if you own a Daiwa TATULA series rod or reel, win a FPT event, you will receive a new Daiwa TATULA series rod and reel! A combo valued at over $250 dollars!

*Must register prior to the event and show proof of purchase of a Diawa rod or reel to qualify for "Double Down" bonus


GAMAKATSU "Hook and Hold Em"

The last thing you expect when you hook into a big fish is from your hook to fail. With Gamakatsu that simply won't happen. And in standing behind the claim of the "World's finest hook", Gamakatsu is offering the exclusive bonus award program that awards anglers with free gas for the biggest fish caught during event via it's "Hook and Hold Em' award program.

Here's how it works:

  1. You must be a member of the Future Pro Tour
  2. You must register for the program - before the event
  3. Each registered angler will receive a Gamakatsu sticker that must by affixed to a conspicious place on their boat
  4. Angler must show proof of purchase of a Gamakatsu product in 2016 (of at least $10 dollars)

If a registered angler catches the biggest fish of the event..they win $50 cash!


KID’s DIVISION – Scholarship CASH!

Participating in the FPT’s exclusive Kid’s Division in 2017 has just gotten better as in addition to winning the gold, silver, or bronze medals for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, ANY youth (15-years and under) that fishes a 2017 FPT will receive a $25 Savings bond for their education

The more events they enter, the more chances they will have to fund thier futures!