Yamamoto Big Bass

Yamamoto Big Bass June 24th - 25th!

BIG CASH given out each hour – over two days, for the five biggest bass caught each hour! Every hour a new CASH winner…with the top 10 biggest bass of the event drawing for $10,000*!


REMEMBER: This is a YAMAMOTO baits only event.

YAMAMOTO makes a wide variety of baits to choose from, therefore please appreciate this event for what it is intended to be, and strictly adhere to the YAMAMOTO baits only rule.

Here is what you CAN USE:

  • Any Yamamoto brand baits
  • Kanami baits (if you still have them)
  • Any brand jig – as long as they are trailered with a Yamamoto
  • Any chatter bait – as long as they are trailered with a Yamamoto
  • Any brand hook
  • Any brand line
  • Any brand sinker

Again Yamamoto makes spinnerbaits, crankbaits, swimbaits, frogs, jerk baits, buzz baits, fluke baits and just about any style of bait you can imagine, so you have plenty ways to get catch fish a get a money seat!


Guns, Fishing and Other stuff will be at Russo’s Marina, on Friday evening June 23rd, from 3-7pm, and the morning of each day of the event with a HUGE supply of EVERY type of Yamamoto baits, various hooks and sinkers, so if you forget something – don’t sweat, they got you covered!

It’s time to have some fun and win some cash!





There is nothing more exciting than to be sitting in one of the five “money chairs” at the end of one of the 6 hours during the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge.

With the first chair being worth up to $500 dollars, and the last chair representing twice the daily entry fee, all anglers – of every skill level, will have the opportunity to rack up some big cash over the two days.

And for this year, the cash prizes assigned to the chairs  will be guaranteed! That simply means that the size of the prize for each chair will not be adjusted based on the size of the field – but will be posted and guaranteed, thanks to Elk Grove Ram one of the event’s title sponsors!

DONT FORGET!!....The date for this event has been changed from June 3-4th to June 24-25th.

Get ready Delta anglers…the 7th annual Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge is coming June 24th-25th, bringing with it some big fun…and big money!

See you there!

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