About Us

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Angler's Press Outdoors is a promotions and marketing enterprise with over 15 years of experience hosting quality, professionally facilitated, outdoor-related specialty events.

From large-scale fishing related venues such as: Future Pro Tour, Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge, Ultimate Frog Challenge, River2Sea Open, and Coors Light Delta Invitational Championship events, to “outdoor themed” poker tournaments, custom car shows, or community-minded events such as the annual Crawfish/Catfish Food and Music Festival, Angler’s Press Outdoors has set the standard for professional, "turn-key" events that will help you glean the best return on your promotional and marketing dollars.


The professional services Angler's Press Outdoors offers: 

  • Facilitation of professionally hosted, end-to-end "turn key" events
  • Professionally written resume portfolio’s for sportsmen looking for sponsors
  • Professionally crafted websites and/or state-of-the-art mobile apps 
  • Professionally crafted brochures and business cards
  • Professionally crafted press releases that help your message reach the right audience


As our professional services are custom designed to fit each of our clients specific needs, please contact the Angler’s Press Outdoors offices at anytime, so that we may discuss together, your project outline, venue layout, and pricing options.


 Vince Harris - Founder/CEO, Angler's Press Outdoors


Angler's Press Outdoors -  Administrative Staff

Frank Ono - Director, Business Development and Planning

While facilitation of an enterprise as large as Angler's Press Outdoors takes an extraordinary amount of work and planning, hardly anything is as important as maintaining focus and keeping in perspective the "business" side of what we do. Frank Ono brings to the Angler's Press Outdoors organization, many years of top corporate and executive level experience, and deals with the areas of strategical financial planning, ensuring that Angler's Press Outdoors always remains a financially viable organization.


Anthony Harris -  Angler's Press Outdoors - General Counsel 

Anthony Harris is Angler's Press Outdoors General Counsel responsible for all legal concerns that require attention. Intellectual property laws, insurance obligations, liability and asset protection are his specialties, and he is a valuable member of our team. Anthony received his pre-law degree from Golden Gate University graduating with summa cum laude honors, and received his Juris Doctorate degree from Texas Southern University, and successfully passed the California BAR Exam. His offices are located in Alameda California. 


Shannon HarrisDirector, Adminstration/Membership Services

Shannon Harris is the Angler's Press Outdoors administration services director responsible for ensuring that member information is consistently updated, statistics are maintained and accurate, and that participatnts are aware of the many contingency programs available.


Angler's Press Outdoors - Tournament Competition Committee

Angler's Press Outdoors is proud to have four of the west's most respected and talented sportsmen's leading it's Tournament Competition Committee, a committee charged with the all-important task of reviewing and interpreting existing Angler's Press Outdoors policies and procedures, and helping to create/implement new policies that will help the Angler's Press Outdoors evolve as an organization - to the benefit of it's members and participants.


Tournament Competition Committee Members:


Charley Almassey - FLW/Ranger Pro

"I consider it a great honor to be able to lend my time and contribute my thoughts to help anglers grow and enjoy their first tournament experiences". - Charley Almassey



Jeff Huth - Is a long time Ranger/Mercury pro-staff member not only well respected amongst his peers, but also carries a passion for the community at large, hosting events for the Clovis Mounted Police Department and participating in various community-minded events in the central valley. Never shy to tell you just what he thinks, Jeff's candor and honesty is a welcome part of committee discussions, helping members keep “on point”, when dealing with controversial issues.


Alan FongThis outstanding fishermen and teacher, uniquely rounds out the committee and is a tackle industry notable, who was the former co-host of the ever popular “Fun Fishing” TV show. Alan's “tell it like it is” approach along with the incredible amount of respect he commands throughout the fishing industry, is an invaluable asset to the committee.

"One of the goals I hope to accomplish as part of this committee is to help new anglers understand that fishing competitively means rules must be adhered to as stated”. If you “mess up”, and get DQ'd or penalized, it's not the end of the world…it just means you need to learn from your mistakes and commit yourself to improvement”. - Alan Fong