Future Pro Tour

Future Pro Tour

Future Pro TourBeginners and intermediate level anglers…build your bassfishing skills in a fun - yet competitive environment! 10 different lakes, exclusive kids division, Instructional seminars, FREE raffles..join the fun.

DoubleJAbout 8 years ago on a fall afternoon at Lake McClure while setting up for weigh-in, a young man fishing from the bank near the launch ramp approached me and politely inquired as to what we were doing.

After receiving the rundown, he had two simple but direct questions: 1) How much weight does it normally take to win and event, and 2) are competitors required to have a “fancy” bass boat to enter. The very next year, when the new season began, that same young man was standing at the sign-in table, entry fee in hand, ready to launch his 8’ rubber – Zodiac style boat, and start competing.

BigFishThe fifth event of the Coors Light Future Pro Tour’s season is now in the books as nearly 100 teams came ready to "take care of business" on the California delta at Ladd’s Marina, and gather as many points as possible to help them qualify for one of only 100 berths that will be available in the prestigious $50,000-plus invitational championship known as the Coors Light Future Pro Tour Classic.

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