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Future Pro Tour

Future Pro TourBeginners and intermediate level anglers…build your bassfishing skills in a fun - yet competitive environment! 10 different lakes, exclusive kids division, Instructional seminars, FREE raffles..join the fun.

"All in the Family" – Tom Peirson wins Delta Shootout event with 3rd generation angler

For some of us, as we age, the famous cliché “life is short” gradually becomes an everyday mantra, and with each passing day we relish in the memories of the past - but still look forward to the future, and the hopes of securing some of the dreams still left on our “bucket lists”.

For Tom Peirson, a seasoned angler and father of a Coors Light FPT Classic Champion Shane Peirson, that “bucket list” became a bit shorter as he fulfilled another one of his personal life-long dreams:

To win a big event fishing with his 13-year old grandson and team partner, Conner Urling.

Results May 13th Clear Lake - AOY YTD


The 3rd event on the Coors Light FPT central valley schedule “The Foothill Run” is happening this weekend at Lake Camanche, and by all reports that are coming in from anglers pre-fishing for the event, the water and predicted weather conditions may create the perfect storm for a new Lake record to come about, as Camanche – now at full pool, can kick out some monster-size black bass.