Future Pro Tour

Future Pro Tour

Future Pro TourBeginners and intermediate level anglers…build your bassfishing skills in a fun - yet competitive environment! 10 different lakes, exclusive kids division, Instructional seminars, FREE raffles..join the fun!



high noon 91LA GRANGE, CA. - On Oct 6th, all eyes will turn to Lake McClure, one of the central valley's premier fisheries, as Coors Light FPT anglers participating in that region, make their final stand in the last event of the 2018 season. Many teams are sitting close to or just outside of the qualifying bubble for the 2018 Coors Light FPT Classic, and do not want to miss out on this event, as it represents the last chance to acquire the points necessary to qualify for the the tour's marquee championship event taking place March 8-10th, 2019 at New Melones reservior.

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STOCKTON, Ca. - One of the perks you get from working at of the finest hard bait companies on the planet, is that you become intimately acquainted with all of the nuances those baits possess, and begin to understand how they can help you put fish in the boat when conditions get tough.

For in last weekend’s 4thevent of the season - dubbed the “Delta Summer Shootout - Best of Both Bites”, Nathan Cooper, product specialist at River2Sea USA, fished with his dad Simon Cooper, and used his extensive knowledge of Rvier2Sea baits to help he and dad best 140 teams, and capture their first-ever Coors Light Future Pro Tour title.


Ol’ school anglers take heed.

There is a new breed of young anglers today who embrace both challenge and change, have tons of online resources to draw from, and are absolutely FEARLESS when it comes to head-to-head competition.

For at last Saturday’s 15th anniversary FPT season opener on Lake Berryessa, a significant number of young, “fresh-faced” teams descended on the massive Napa county reservoir, to showcase their skills, and “mix it up” in a total field of 170, while looking to cash in on some fun and fantastic early springtime fishing.