Ultimate Frog Challenge

Ultimate Frog Challenge July 29th - 30th

Feelin froggy? Then leap into what has become THE FROG TOURNAMENT, as competitors get to compete on the world-famous California delta USING ANY BRAND OF TOP WATER FROG THEY CHOOSE!


In the same manner that the sporting world is “buzzing” about the up-coming, highly charged, and much anticipated match between boxing’s best-ever pound-for-pound champion and MMA’s current phenom, the bass fishing world is also gearing up for a highly anticipated and entirely unique event of its own, that will bring with it so many fascinating one-on-one “face-offs” even the most stoic of imaginations will be set to run wild.

The Ultimate Frog Challenge III (UFC3) is on its way back to the California delta – at Russo’s Marina, to again host what has become the most exciting and unique top water frog event in the west, as anglers who enjoy the thrill of stalking monster bass – with top water frog baits, can test their skills, have some fun, and make a ton of cash in the process.

What is so exciting and unique about this particular “frog bait only” event is that participants are not limited to using just one brand of top water frog. Competitors in this event will be allowed to use ANY BRAND of top water frog THEY CHOOSE!

Imagine….Optima’s “Furbit” frog vs Strike King’s KVD “Sexy Frog”, Live Target’s “Hollow Body” vs SPRO’s popular “Bronzeye”, or SnagProof’s ever-popular “Bobby’s Perfect Frog” vs River2Sea’s new Ish’s Phat Matt Daddy frog”…and these are just a FEW of the intriguing match ups that could take place in this exciting top water frog event!

 “Rumble Kings”

But two-time “Top Frog” winners River2Sea USA isn’t having any of it, and has vowed to take a third title and post a “3-peat” win in the event’s separate competition known as the “Royal Rumble” where each manufacture designates just one of its best pro-staff teams to represent their brand in a head-to-head competition with other manufactures pro-staffers.

“In addition to the Spittin Wa, and Bully Wa Frogs, the new Ish’s Phat Mat Daddy frog is out and without a doubt will dominate this event”, noted and inside source from R2Sea.


This is OUR backyard, our frogs are “California grown”, and with pro-staffers like Harvey Pulliam and Jamond Andrews, who brought the “Royal Rumble” trophy home for us last year – and won the event, we fully expect to keep the our “Top Frog” title intact”, they added confidently.


Jamond Andrews & Harvey Pulliam won over $6,000 and took the "Frogmaster" title in last year's event

But R2Sea just may be surprised.

As entering the ring in this year’s competition - all the way from Japan, is Teckel’s newest creation known as the “Sprinkler Frog”, a frog so revolutionary in its design, that it solicits absolutely the most vicious top water frog strikes imaginable (you must see/click on the video links below).




Stay tuned everybody.…

We all know that nothing is for certain when it comes to bass fishing, but you can be sure that at the end of the day, there will be no “tap outs” or “split decisions” in this competition. Only an all-out fight to the finish that will crown the newest UFC3 “Top Frog” winners, while providing a ton of fun for those that love to frog fish for bass in the summertime.

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See you there!.......and may the BEST frog win!

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