2018 Yamamoto Big Bass

Yamamoto Big Bass April 14th - 15th 2018

BIG CASH given out each hour – over two days, for the five biggest bass caught each hour! Every hour a new CASH winner…with the top 10 biggest bass of the event drawing for $10,000*!


There is nothing more exciting than to be sitting in one of the five “money chairs” at the end of one of the 6 hours during the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge.

And registration is now open for the 8th annual event, as it comes back to the California delta - at Russo's Marina, on April 14th and 15th, to deliver another year of fun, excitement - and hourly seats for BIG CASH, that anglers of every age and skill levels can win!

For this year, Angler's Press Outdoors will donate - in the honor and memory of Andy "Cooch" Cuccia, $5 dollars for each person that participates, towards the 2018 C.O. Pro Teen event that Andy worked so tirelessly over the past years to host. From the inception of the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge event, it is without question that Cooch's contributions have been tremendous, as each year, he helped make the event one that most angler's look forward to being part of year after year. 

To this end, we will also honor Andy, and keep him in our memory by naming the event's Big Bass award the "Andy Cuccia Memorial Yamamoto Big Bass Award" 

Registration for the event is now open....and we look forward to seeing you all there!

Angler’s Press Outdoors

To get signed up go to anglerspress.com